Trial Victory

The trial ran from December 7 to 20, 2017, and ended in a unanimous 9-0 verdict for Plaintiffs.  CSC was ordered to pay backpay for all overtime hours recorded in e-TES and similar timekeeping systems.  This victory is a testament to the courage, hard work, and integrity of the many System Administrators who provided information, assistance, and testimony at deposition and trial.

After the entry of Judgment, CSC appealed several of the Court’s rulings, including the Court’s rulings allowing the Named Plaintiffs to bring the Lawsuit as a class and collective action on behalf of other SAs, and the Court’s ruling regarding the appropriate method for calculating overtime damages for members of the FLSA collective and Connecticut class. The Parties were prepared to litigate the appeals, but instead of doing so, decided to bring the case to an end sooner.